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Raw, healthy eating

Publication date: December 15, 2011 Publication: Vue Weekly Albertans may love their beef, but that hasn’t stopped three siblings from introducing Edmonton to Noorish, a new vegetarian cafe featuring a menu with a raw food focus. Sheniz Kassam and her brothers Ayaaz and Adil have unveiled a gourmet culinary experience of the un-cooked variety at their health-conscious eatery that will have even a meat-loving mouth watering. READ MORE:

Authentic eats

Publication date: September 28, 2011 Publication: Vue Weekly While trying to source some of the best coffee that Latin America has to offer, the Transcend coffee buyers were introduced to a variety of authentic food that left their taste buds watering for another trip to the southern hemisphere. In an effort to bring some authentic flavour to Edmonton, Transcend Coffee has recently launched a Latin American street-food menu at all three locations inspired by the people and places from their coffee-buying trips. READ MORE:

Expand your horizons

Publication date: September 22, 2011 Publication: Vue Weekly Cheese is an invaluable component in a sandwich, but it is often overlooked for its impact as an ingredient. What would the grilled cheese sandwich be without a sharp taste of cheddar? What would the Philly Cheese Steak be without the melted provolone? How could you eat a hot reuben sandwich without the Swiss cheese? Face it. A sandwich isn’t a sandwich without cheese. READ MORE:

One special salsa

Publication date: December 1, 2010 Publication: Vue Weekly The origin of Blue Kettle Specialty Foods comes down to one thing: a really good salsa recipe. Marcy Mydlak had been giving her salsa away to friends and family for years, and everyone told her it tasted so good she should sell it. While the idea of selling her salsa by the jar in her front yard had crossed her mind, the idea evolved into a family affair that has made Blue Kettle a regular feature on the local food scene. READ MORE:

Brand New Aroma

Publication date: November 25, 2010 Publication: Vue Weekly That’s Aroma has been a garlic-lover’s haven in Edmonton for years, but thanks to a new father/son duo, the restaurant has remodelled itself to become an authentic Italian destination. After closing for weeks of renovations in May, That’s Aroma experienced a serious overhaul. Gone are the paintings on the wall of cartoon garlic figures—That’s Aroma’s makeover has taken the interior from so-so to sophisticated, a refined look that is exactly what new general manager Manuel Proaño wanted to create. READ MORE:

Bang on Bangers

Publication date: October 21, 2010 Publication: Vue Weekly Nicola and Alan Irving have done a lot of sausage eating. You would think that as one of the Edmonton area’s most popular pork producers, they would come from a long line of sausage makers, but the Irving couple started from scratch. READ MORE:

White Gloved

Publication date: September 2, 2010 Publication: Vue Weekly On 105 Street just north of Jasper Ave there is a sign for The Butler Did It. It’s likely you have walked by and never noticed it, or like many others, you have looked up and assumed the shop was nothing more than a fancy kitchen gadget store. Those who venture inside are surprised to learn they can order a designer lunch from one of Edmonton’s most creative caterers. READ MORE:

Good horse sense

Publication date: August 5, 2010 Publication: Vue Weekly It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when three girlfriends and I dressed up in our best vintage looks and donned our derby hats; we were off to the races. Colours Restaurant at Northlands racetrack is one of the largest restaurants in town; it is also one of the busiest. A reservation is a hot ticket at the racetrack, as Colours can fill up weeks in advance. With seating for up to 700 people, the tiered-level layout offers perfect sightlines for a full view of the racetrack. READ MORE:  

Delicate Flower

Publication date: July 14, 2010 Publication: Vue Weekly When my garlic-loving friend told me I had to come to one of Edmonton’s newest Mediterranean bistros with her, well, I was more than just a little excited. The two of us have been scouring Edmonton for affordable tasty treats of every ethnic variety for years; she assured me Dahlia’s was a true gem. READ MORE:

Perogy Pinchers

Publication date: June 2, 2010 Publication: Vue Weekly Up until now I’ve been a bad Ukrainian. Sure I Ukrainian danced as a kid, but the only words I know how to speak in my grandparent’s language are the words of food I have hoovered over the years, but never taken the time to learn how to make. My mother isn’t Ukrainian, but she did her best over the years to keep a good supply of Babas who would keep our freezer stocked with a steady supply of traditional treats. Ruth Hamaliuk first entered my life about 10 years ago and introduced my taste buds to some of the best perogies I’ve ever had; she has been my adoptive Baba ever since. READ MORE: