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Recap: Get Cooking -Taste Alberta Burger Club

Earlier this month, Get Cooking Edmonton transformed their final Burger Club in their summer pop-up dining series into a Taste Alberta – Prairie on the Plate event.

Chefs Doreen Prei and Kathryn Joel helped celebrate a Prairie on the Plate first by featuring all seven of Taste Alberta’s partners – Alberta Canola ProducersEgg Farmers of AlbertaAlberta MilkAlberta Pulse Growers CommissionAlberta Chicken ProducersAlberta Turkey Producers, and Alberta Pork – on their Burger Club Wednesday menu.

The sun was shining and most of the patrons that night opted for a seat on the Get Cooking patio. To help keep everyone hydrated, butcher (and Get Cooking culinary instructor) Elyse Chatterton was helping out on the bar serving up everything from Alberta brewed Medicine Hat Brewing Company Burnside Blood Orange Ale and Pimm’s cocktails.

The appetizer for the evening was deep-fried chickpeas, which helped recognize the Alberta Pulse Growers Commission, represents 6,000 growers of field pea, dry bean, lentil, chickpea, faba bean and soybean in Alberta.

There were four burgers packed with Taste Alberta ingredients available, each served with side of either kennebec fries (made with love from Alberta canola farmers) and dipping sauces or a grilled Caesar salad. All of the meats were sourced through Real Deal Meats in south Edmonton, and there was an option to add on to each burger with a fried egg or Halloumi cheese.


Get Cooking Edmonton – Burger Club Taste Alberta Menu
  1. Alberta chicken & preserved lemon burger with grilled zucchini and a tahini spread.
  2. Vietnamese Alberta pork burger with picked herbs and a cilantro-lime mayo.
  3. Alberta turkey and sage burger complete with cranberry compote.
  4. Alberta beef and blue cheese burger served with red onion.

Vietnamese Alberta pork burger topped with a fried egg and served with picked herbs and a cilantro-lime mayo.

Alberta chicken & preserved lemon burger with grilled zucchini and a tahini spread.

Alberta turkey and sage burger complete with cranberry compote.

The Spaniard was willing to eat his burger on a gluten-free bun (my definition of true love), so that we could share two from the menu. I enjoyed the flavours of the turkey and cranberry burger, but Vietnamese inspired pork burger was my favourite. Thankfully, chef Doreen Prei is eager to share her culinary secrets, and you can try her pork burger recipe at home.

The two dessert options for the evening could not have been made without ingredients from Alberta Milk or the Egg Farmers of Alberta.

lemon crème brûlée

I love, love, love, how chef Doreen Prei makes crème brûlée. I could have easily indulged in another serving of Chef Prei’s lemon crème brûlée, and The Spaniard didn’t leave a crumb behind from his strawberry shortcake. Once again, chefs Doreen and Kathryn shared how delicious Alberta raised, grown, and produced products are – from appetizer to dessert.

strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and edible flowers

While the summer Burger Club Wednesday pop-up series has come to an end, there are still loads of opportunities to Get Cooking with chefs Doreen, Kathryn as well as Elyse. Check out their upcoming cooking class schedule here.

The next Taste Alberta – Prairie on the Plate will be Friday, September 7, 2018 at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald. Check out Executive Chef Mridul Bhatt’s Taste Alberta menu and reserve your spot by clicking here.

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