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Five Reasons to Brunch at Dogwood Cafe at Victoria

It is no secret that I like to brunch at the Dogwood Cafe located in the clubhouse of the Victoria Golf Course. My friend Linda (@lindork) teases me that ‘I love that place’ every time I rave about it – but I think she is just jealous she doesn’t have a neighbour gem like Dogwood so close to her house.  As a resident in Oliver, I absolutely love being able to walk down the hill, or when the weather agrees, get in a quick cross-country ski loop or two on the Victoria Golf Course, before enjoying a relaxing brunch at the Dogwood Cafe.

During the winter season, anytime someone asks me for a recommendation for brunch in the downtown area I always list Dogwood Cafe in my top three options. Here are five reasons you should brunch at The Dogwood Cafe.

1.  À la carte Saturdays or buffet brunch on Sunday

This winter season, chef Brad Lazarenko decided to switch things up by offering an à la carte brunch from 9am-2pm on Saturdays and Sunday brunch buffet from 10am-2pm.

While the Eggs Benedict is always a winner, in previous years I have regularly opted for the special of the day which often features a speciality Fuge sausage. From the Ukrainian platter, to the Swedish potato pancakes, huevos rancheros, french toast to the vegetarian breakfast sandwich, I feel there is something on the menu to satisfy any brunch appetite.

Dogwood Cafe eggs Benedict with ham & potato hash

Are you someone who has trouble committing to one dish? The Sunday brunch buffet offers up an assortment of hot and cold menu items along with an array of baked goods to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The Spaniard is a big fan of the dessert bar at Dogwood Cafe’s Sunday brunch buffet

Dogwood Cafe proudly supports a number of local farmers, producers and vendors like The Jam Lady which are showcased throughout the buffet.


2. Homemade baked goods

Whether you hit up Dogwood Cafe on a Saturday or Sunday, there is bound to be an assortment of house-made baked goods, as well as treats from local patisseries like FanFan Patisserie.

3. Casual dining with a fabulous view of Edmonton’s river valley

Dogwood Cafe has a fast-casual vibe for brunch. Upon arrival you order and pay at the counter and then select your table from the two upstairs dining rooms. Staff deliver the à la carte dishes and will top up the bottomless coffee, but then you are on your own. It may not be for everyone, I don’t mind filling my own water or grabbing items from the shared condiments areas because the vibe is completely relaxed. I have been to Dogwood on days when it is busy, but I’ve never felt rushed to leave because no one is dropping a bill off at the table. You’ve already paid! So you can stay as long as you like to enjoy the winter wonderland river valley view of the Victoria Golf Course.


4. Price is right

Items on the Saturday brunch menu vary from $7 for the breakfast vegetarian sandwich and top up at the $16 Ukrainian platter – a hearty portion of FUGE kielbasa, potato-cheddar pierogi, fried eggs and toast. Lattes are a reasonable $3.50.

I was shocked to learn the Sunday buffet was $21. Not ideal for anyone lacking portion control – I think the Sunday buffet is a great value. Our hot-menu options includes Fuge sausages, bacon, french toast, fried eggs and some kick-ass potatoes. Cold menu-dishes included a feature salmon frittata, a granola-fruit-yogurt bar, prawns served with a dill sour cream. And don’t forget the assortment of baked goods, which includes Brad’s freshly made raspberry muffins, cream scones, mini gluten-free cheesecakes, and a warm ginger bread pudding.


5. Brad Lazarenko and the Culina Family serve up a hit list of sweet & savoury bites

First off, no Ukrainian chef is going to let you go home hungry, so you know you are going to have a good fill when you eat at the Dogwood Cafe. I mentioned it before, but the variety of dishes is what keeps me coming back. Chef Lazarenko and his team serve up simple dishes packed with flavour. Every time I leave I am already thinking about what I am going to order next time.

Fuge ‘F-Bomb’ spicy italian pork sausage with mushroom-cheese frittata and marinara salsa.

* Ok – not in the top five for everyone, but a bonus reason for me is that Dogwood Cafe serves up an abundance of gluten free options.

My first trip to the Sunday brunch buffet included a gluten free plate filled with the salmon frittata, fuge sausages, potato has, eggs and prawns.

So, if you happen to have a high maintenance Celiac like me in your life – take them to Dogwood where they can order eggs Benedict, Swedish pancakes, and eat copious amounts of Fuge sausages.

Dogwood Cafe at Victoria

12130 River Valley Road,
Edmonton, AB T5N 0E0 

780 442 1636

Saturday brunch from 9am-2pm
Sunday Brunch Buffet from 10am-2pm
Open for Dinner Wednesdays to Saturdays from 5pm-10pm

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