Month: February 2012

Last call at the Copper Pot

Publication date: February 7, 2012 Publication: Vue Weekly As I scraped away at the last morsel of the rich, dark chocolate flourless torte with raspberry compote on our dessert plate, my friend asked if we could meet the chef. I never do those sorts of things, but since we appeared to be the last table in a quiet dining room, we figured he may have a moment for us to shower him with compliments about an absolutely exquisite meal. Sadly, our server Tony said that chef David Bowie had left for the night. He followed up with, ‘If you want to meet him you’ll have to do it next week, as The Copper Pot would be closing on February 18th, 2012.’ READ MORE:

Go north, young man

Publication date: February 2, 2012 Publication: Vue Weekly It’s not often I head to the north side of Edmonton for a meal, but when it’s EAST, the latest member of the Wildflower Grill-Lazia family, I knew it would be worthy of the drive. EAST has been branded as authentic, modern Chinese food with a Malaysian twist. The interior is vibrant: lining the back walls are bold-coloured silk batik panels which bring warmth to a room with a modern design concept with ties to both Lazia and Wildflower. I’m a visual eater, and walking by the all-glass exterior gave us a preview of patrons enjoying dishes I was ready to dive into. READ MORE: