Month: June 2008

Careit Urban Deli

Publication date: June 19, 2008 Publication: Vue Weekly I learned about the new Careit Urban Deli through the best form of advertising there is—word of mouth. A friend of mine who lives in southwest Edmonton told me that I absolutely had to try it out. Since I love to both cook and eat out with her, I knew her recommendation would be a winner, but I never would have expected a hidden gem in such an unusual neighbourhood. I had heard that Careit—the name refers to the care the operators put into their natural-focused foods—had a couple of tables to eat at, but was mainly a take-away place. Since I didn’t feel like cooking, I decided to pop by after work. While the deli wasn’t exactly on my way home, I jumped on the Anthony Henday, headed west at Callingwood/62 Ave, and a couple of minutes later I pulled up in a small strip mall in the Hamptons. READ MORE:

Three Bananas Café

Publication date: June 12, 2008 Publication: Vue Weekly It’s summer in the city of Edmonton, and with the sun finally making a regular appearance, I look forward to spending lunch hours getting a tan in one of the best people watching spots in the city: Churchill Square. READ MORE: