Month: October 2007

Time spent travelling adds depth to all that book learnin’

Publication date: October 31, 2007 Publication: Vue Weekly When high school graduation was over and I was off to university in the fall, I remember that some of my friends told me they were going to work for a few months then go travelling. While it sounded interesting, I knew that choosing travel over an education was not an option for me. I was expected to go to university, and choosing to work at a bar in England or booze it up at a hostel in Ireland seemed like such a slacker thing to do. READ MORE:

Tex Mex tastes trump your taste buds

Publication date: October 31, 2007 Publication: Vue Weekly I always try to take a cooking class when I visit a new country; however, I never think to take a course in my own city. I always notice them posted with the City of Edmonton or Sunterra Market, but the “I should do that” moment passes and I forget to register or the class is full by the time I get around to calling. READ MORE:

Viphalay is hard to pronounce but easy to enjoy

Publication date: October 24, 2007 Publication: Vue Weekly A little bird told me that a fabulous new Thai/Laos restaurant opened up in Edmonton. I was determined to find out if the rumour was true. Four years ago, I travelled through Thailand and Laos and absolutely fell in love with the food. I took three cooking classes which introduced me to more than the typical pad thai and green curry dishes, and helped forge my passion for traditional Thai flavours. READ MORE: