iceland sharman 1I’m Sharman, a.k.a. the pork girl, and I love to tell stories.

I come from humble roots in the far north of Alberta, Canada. I spent the early part of my life in Zama City – a hamlet of less than 100 people (seriously – we only had to dial four digits to call our neighbours) and absolutely no little girls my age. When my brother and sister got bored of me I spent time hanging out in the kitchen – asking to stir anything I could get my hands on.

I grew up in a family where my dad hunted, we all fished, I got to help plant the garden, and my mom canned fruits and vegetables. I spent time on my uncle’s farms and for fun I would help my brother check his trapline.

Eventually we moved close to the ‘big city’ of Edmonton. I thought it was normal for my dad to hang an elk in the garage after a hunt but quickly learned this was an easy way to  scare to my new city friends.

Eventually I got itchy feet and had to leave the comforts of home.

It started with moving to Victoria for university, but eventually this little girl from Zama City Alberta became a grubby backpacker – racking up passport stamps in over 60 countries. It was during my first volunteer stint in sub-saharan Africa I met a little girl named Zama, and I realized just how far I had come.

Eventually I returned home to Edmonton. A natural talker – I found a career working in communications. I jumped at the an opportunity to write for Vue Weekly’s dish section and other opportunities for writing in the food industry crossed my path.

Eventually I walked into an interview for a job I knew I wouldn’t get – but it ended up with an opportunity to write for Alberta Pork and to create food events with the Alberta Canola Commission.

Incredibly the most inspirational chef moved next door to my sister in Calgary. When I came down to visit I brought an Irving Farms Berkshire pork belly and shoulder because Chef Michael Allemeier told me he would bust out his smoker and teach me his root beer pork belly recipe.

He promptly called me the pork girl. I couldn’t think of a better social media name so it stuck.

I was ignoring my old travel blog and I found there were times I wanted a food voice but it didn’t fit with my posts for Alberta Pork’s Passion for Pork website, so I decided it was time to create a blog where friends could keep up with my travel, food and adventures through life.

So this is it – welcome to This Piggy’s Tale.

If you need to tell me something or want to touch base please get in touch via Twitter or drop me an email at thispiggystale@gmail.com.

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