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5 reasons to try YEG’s Sambol Sri Lankan Kitchen

Last Friday night I had my fifth visit to Sambol Sri Lankan Kitchen in the past five months; I can’t get enough of the bold and flavourful dishes served up at this Millwoods restaurant.

My friend Jessica a new fan of Sambol Kitchen after her first visit last week

My friend Jessica – a new fan of Sambol Kitchen after her first visit last week.

The first trip with my ladies supper club after reading a review by Twyla Campbell.  Our supper club goal is to find a restaurant that none of us have been to before, and with positive review from Twyla we were excited to try Sambol Kitchen. That day we ordered a combination of shared appetizers followed by individual bowls – I left knowing I wanted to come back to try more dishes off the menu.

Coconut curried green beans ($7), saffron rice bowl with black pepper chicken ($14), coconut curried beets ($7)

Coconut curried green beans ($7), saffron rice bowl with black pepper chicken ($14), coconut curried beets ($7)

Three weeks ago I organized a group of nine friends to check out Sri Lanken. In attendance was my buddy Linda Hoang, who did a review on the night.  Sambol Kitchen

Not wanting to compete with Linda’s thorough review – I would rather share reasons why I think you should try Sambol Kitchen.


5 string hoppers served with a side of coconut gravy and sambol for $4.

1.  A Unique Flavour in Edmonton
Disclaimer – Sambol Kitchen is the first and only Sri Lanken restaurant I have eaten in, so I am no connoisseur. However, I have travelled extensively in Asia and I feel like these flavours are different; I haven’t been anywhere else in Edmonton doing anything like this.  I have a new-found love with curry leaves after tasting them in a myriad of dishes at Sambol Kitchen. IMG_5377

2. Great Value
I love a bargain. Every time I bring someone new to Sambol Kitchen they are always surprised by the price. $4 for the chickpeas, $4 for the string hoppers, $12 for a street food bowl – you’ll walk away full without draining your wallet.Sambol Kitchen

3. Great For Groups
The bowls for sharing include great-priced servings of coconut curried vegetables, meats, seafood, and nuts. We told owner Champa Pathirana she needs to add photos or a better description of dishes to the menu because the list of vegetable dishes like beets, beens, or kale do not do justice to the coconut curry flavoured bowls.  Sambol Kitchen Sambol Kitchen


4. Locally Owned
Owner Champa Pathirana remembered me on my second visit; I love the smile I receive from her when I walk in the door. She is eager to explain the dishes or answer any questions i’ve had – I feel like she cares about my business and experience. Plus, it is not often that you see a female restaurant owner – happy to show Champa some girl power.

Sambol Kitchen

Champa Pathirana cooks up hoppers at her restaurant – Sambol Sri Lankan Kitchen

5. Gluten Free and Vegetarian Friendly
It is estimated that 1 per cent of Canadians are celiac, which doesn’t seem like much, but we are slowly growing in numbers. It is not often that I can go to a restaurant and have as many options as I can at Sambol Kitchen, the variety is one of the reasons I love this restaurant. Champa and her staff are keen to walk you through the menu. Also, I find the veggie friendly coconut curries, string hoppers, and fried chickpeas so good I don’t even need to order meat (a bold statement from this meatatarian).

VADAI - Crispy Lentil Patties for $4

VADAI – Crispy Lentil Patties for $4

Sambol Kitchen is a restaurant I really want to succeed in Edmonton. I hope you give it a try – oh, and if you manage to save room for dessert they have some tasty options.

WATTALAPUM - coconut custard ($8)

WATTALAPUM – coconut custard ($8)

Sambol Kitchen

fried bananas ($8)

Finding the restaurant can be a challenge – it located on the end of a strip mall hidden behind a thrift shop. My advice to friends joining me for dinner there is ‘if you can find the Domo at 91 st and 34th ave you are there. Look to the opposite end that the H&W is located and you’ve found it.’


Sambol Sri Lankan Kitchen
9261 34 Avenue, Edmonton, AB

Wednesday — Thursday: 11am — 8pm
Friday — Saturday: 11am — 10pm
Sunday: 11am — 8pm

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