Month: May 2010

Estilo de vida

Publication date: May 13, 2010 Publication: Vue Weekly As I made my way south, eating chicken after chicken, through Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, I heard rave upon rave from those heading north about how good the beef was in Argentina. As a full-fledged Alberta beef girl, I was hesitant. Some of my uncles raise cattle in the Peace Country, and I grew up with a side of beef stocked in our freezer at all times, fresh from an Alberta farm. I know what good beef tastes like. My first night in Argentina came after a 16-hour bus ride from Chile to Salta in the north. We were too tired for a full steak dinner and instead opted for some $1.25 street meat. It was a massive sausage on a toasted bun loaded with spicy toppings. It was my first choripan, and boy did it taste amazing. READ MORE: