Month: May 2009

Sai Woo Garden Restaurant

Publication date: May 28, 2009 Publication: Vue Weekly If you have ever had Sai Woo late at night then you already know about one of Edmonton’s best Chinese food secrets. If you haven’t, your after-the-bar-food-craving experience could get a whole lot more exciting. I was enjoying post-bar takeout from Sai Woo for years before I ever stepped foot in the restaurant. I recall my first meal vividly. A fun-loving group of girls I know from high school were screaming Sai Woo before we even left the bar, and after my first bite of peaches and cream shrimp I knew why. I kept asking them if we could go there for dinner, but they were under the impression that Sai Woo was a magical place that only did take-out late at night. They had no idea here the place was, but they were also intoxicated every time I thought of asking. Eventually I found out about their Chinatown location and hours all on my own. READ MORE: