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Cooking up something Famoso in the kitchen

Publication date: February 14, 2008
Publication: Vue Weekly

When I first learned that there was an authentic Neapolitan pizza place called Famoso on Jasper Ave, I was ecstatic. The memories I have of amazing thin crust pizza in Rome still bring a smile to my face, and when I had my first bite of pizza from Famoso, I was in heaven.

Famoso, which means famous in Italian, also means yummy in my belly. In the few months that the spot has been open, I’ve had everything on the menu, and I eat there at least once a week—and it’s got nothing to do with the fact that I now know the owners, Justin Lussier and Jason Allard. Shortly after they opened I was already suggesting new pizza ideas based on fabulous flavour combinations I’ve had on my travels or during random restaurant adventures. Fortunately for me, the Famoso boys agreed that since I love to cook, and probably because I would continue to harass them, that I could come into their kitchen and create a feature pizza for their menu.

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